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Victor Aster is a modern Belarusian artist, designer, creating abstract paintings in the author’s technique called `aster neoteric canvas`. The artist uses non-standard materials for self-expression: electronic waste, steel plates and industrial chips. Victor Aster talks about his art:

“For me, art is not only a way of expression but also a specific artefact, which is a concentrated symbol of the era in which I live. I am inspired by the idea that the art objects that I created will tell people the history of our civilization. I use electronic waste, as this material most vividly reflects modern reality saturated with micro-chips. I am a person who creates objects from materials created by a robot. I ultimately transform e-waste into fine art. “

Focusing on the urban landscape and other similar themes, Victor breathes new life into old computer parts by shaping them into aesthetics. Artist crafts each assemblage using a variety of components, color palettes, and structural formations.

The artist creates most of the works in the form of flat plates or three-dimensional canvases from different types of metal. Electronic waste and other parts are fixed to the surface with rivets. We see interesting design elements: synthetic-impregnated fabric, elegant paint splash and various combinations of printed circuit boards, microchips and even plywood. The artist combines composition and absolute chaos.


1984 – 25 November in Borisov, Belarus


2004 – Collage of Arts A.K.Glebowa – diploma: artist-sculptor, teacher

2010 – State Academy of Arts – diploma: master of arts and design


2011 – Public Association Belarussian Union of Designers (currently)


2011/14 – Founder and owner of the forge workshop, Minsk

2012 – Co-founder interior design studio Aster Deco, Minsk

2017 – Product design for Begadi GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

2017 – Product owner and creator, Rocky Gun, International project


2001/05 – Fundacja Krzyzowa, serie of workshops, Wroclaw, Poland

2006 – Eberhard Katschke, stone sculpture plein air, Erlangen, Germany

2007 – Fiesta de Arte – Kunstkreis Tennenlohe, plein air, Nuremberg, Germany

2014 – Lichtart – exhibition – Belarussian Union of Designers, Minsk

2014 – Sport Art exhibition  – Belarussian Union of Artists, Minsk

2014 – Avant-gArte – participant, publication in the catalog, Minsk

2014 – Transforma, project-exhibition in the Center of Modern Art, CSI Minsk

2016 – Art Islands – sculpture Iron Hockeyman – open air exhibition – read about

2019 – I am going to participate in the exhibition POSTULAT 2019!!!!


2014 – National News  – read interview (rus)

2014 – Project Transforma – read article (rus)

2014 – TVR – about my project – read article (rus)

2017 – TFB (USA) – Humble Bee project – read artice (eng)

2017 – TFB (USA) – Rocky Gun project – read artice (eng)


2019 / Sept. – working on the personal projects in Minsk, Belarus