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Hi, my name is Victor Aster. I am a man creating neoteric artefacts.
I want to tell about it in more detail. Neoteric artefact is an object created on the edge of modern art, magic, crafts and technology. Like the ancient alchemist, I choose unusual materials for creative expression. My canvases are made of pieces of steel, industrial waste, chips and paint. Sometimes I find the necessary fragments in a landfill. Artefacts contain all the esoteric and chemical elements of matter. With my own hands, I create “Something” in a state of deep meditation. The creation process has no obvious logic and is completely spontaneous. I am a translator of encrypted universal ideas. Artefact is more than art!


I was born in 1984 in a small town in Belarus. After a master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, I had to choose between a career as a professor and a free artist. I chose the second way and for a long time forged metal and created sculptures for the exterior. Even now, my sculptures can be found in the open air in Belarus, Poland and Germany. But this was not enough for me. I wanted to implement the author’s technique, in tune with my soul, something more than shocking art or something like that. I began to listen to myself and draw inspiration from various sources: ancient civilizations, traditional crafts, pop art, 80s design and much more. In my gallery you can find new artefacts. Some artefacts are in private collections, including my own, and are hidden from display in the gallery. These items are endowed with magical properties and do not like to sparkle in public. Among my clients there are people from different social circles: collectors, businessmen, politicians and even astrologers. Now is the time to introduce you to my artworks. Welcome!