Caliber: 300 AAC – Blackout – 7.62×35 mm

Aztec rifle was created for an alternative of PDW system. The basis of the concept is cal. 300 AAC – Blackot. This type of ammunition have good efficiency. Folding butt makes the device very compact. Size makes it possible to use a rifle for additional equipment for pilots of combat helicopters. Rifle can provide not only PDW function but also survival in the wild when the helicopter crashes. Blackout caliber can can easily stop a person in body armor and a large wild beast. The general form is subject to rapid lines.

Original details:

Trigger – Sport looking

Trigger frame – have nice geometry for gloved hands

Mag capacity – 30 rounds (Military standart)

Mag body – translucent plastic shell and stainless steel neck

Mag spring – durable steel plates

Folding stock – equipped with sling swivel and have large push button

Orriginal red dot sight designed for AZTEC rifle

2 Piccatiny rails – large top rail and small bottom build in body

M-lock system

Muzzle Brake – original strong cube form

Fire selector and safe mode – symmetrical on both sides

Charging handle – possibility to move left to right