ZEN TEC 11.11

Is a pistol concept – The smart sensor system replaces the conventional safety mechanism and excess parts. When the shooter suddenly snatches a pistol out of his holster, he is ready to shoot. In the static state, the trigger is blocked by an electromagnet. This system gives the arrow an extra time. The new type of ammunition is caseless. Burnable part forms a microexplosion, which is pushed a bullett. The bullet itself has a burnable polymer shell. In the dark, the shooter sees the glow of the trajectory. Modern technology can realize only half of the main idea. Perhaps tomorrow we can come up with a smart bullet with an optical sensor that will follow its target. Fiber sight for submachine gun Humble-bee 9×19. Extremely simple design is very effective. Light passes through the optical fiber and highlights the sight. This device is difficult to break, it works without batteries.